Zoom on embroidery

You will find the logo, as well as stars, embroidered with care on all our products.

Zoom on snap fasteners

These small fasteners close our products securely and aesthetically.  
These pressure buttons made with finesse and precision will captivate you.

Zoom on the fabric

This technical fabric in addition its Oeko-Tex label is also Coolmax ®freshFX.

This indicates a superior thermo-regulating performance. In addition to its fast-drying properties, it is also antibacterial and anti-allergen.

It's very soft to the touch and delicate for baby’s skin.

The choice of French companies

Producing a BandaDry requires careful and precise execution. Its clean design allows no error. As you can see in my timeline, I spent some time meeting and testing workshops before starting production.

I chose French companies, on one hand, for proximity: allowing on-site monitoring of production and on the other, France has an unequalled savoir-faire in the textile industry, especially top of the line products and that’s exactly what I needed.

To develop my products, I surrounded myself with experts, with undeniable human and professional qualities, coming from various regions of France.

Pays de la Loire:

Our sewing workshop specialized in high-end clothing manufacture.

Our embroidery workshop is a major player in textile finishing.


Our fabric workshop is a recognized leader in the production of technical fabric.



Our snap fastener workshop has a unique savoir-faire.

Our ribbon workshop, where excellence is the key word of society.


BandaDry and its bracelet are French products, every step is made in France by French companies.

I have carefully selected all these companies. They respect Oeko-Tex standards to ensure the well-being of our children and our environment.

The choice of the Oeko-Tex label

Working on products destined for babies requires a great degree of intransigence.

This is why each component has been chosen with the greatest care.


Embarking on this adventure, I did not think that there were so many differences in raw materials.

I wanted to offer comfortable, innovative and most importantly, quality products.


As a result of much research, I finally found a label which aims to guarantee the humano-ecological qualities of textiles: free from toxic products for the body and for the environment.


It is the world leader in textile health labels..

To obtain this label, products are tested on a scientific basis, with comprehensive and strict measurements containing several hundred controlled substances. The standard 100 by Oeko-Tex takes into account:


  • important legal regulations such as carcinogenic or allergenic colorants, formaldehyde, chlorinated phenols, chlorinated benzene and toluene, organotins, heavy metals, phthalate pesticides, etc., are prohibited
  • the non-use of many chemicals harmful to health, even if they are not yet regulated by law.
  • the requirements of Annexes XVII and XIV of the European Chemicals Ordinance REACH, as well as the list of ECHA-SVHC candidates, insofar as, according to the expert groups in the OEKO-TEX® apply to flat structures, textiles, clothing or accessories
  • requirements of the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Acts (CPSIA)
  • many classes of substance also related to the environment.



In summary, this means that the Oeko-Tex label is affixed only to products containing no harmful chemical elements and thus guarantees the absence of undesirable substances for health and skin.


These products protect both my child and the environment.


What more can I ask?! My expectations as a mother,  and my ethical standards were fulfilled.


Naturally I decided to choose my suppliers according to this criteria. All manufacturing steps are labeled Oeko-Tex.


Thus, I am pleased to say that all the components of our products, BandaDry and bracelets,  are certified Oeko-Tex®.