As a mum, I love to have nice clothes for my baby. However, I soon realised that that is not as easy as it sounds.

Throughout the day, babies are spilling on themselves, they just cannot help it. Mums have to make trade-off between having cute neat-looking babies, and changing their clothes 10 times a day! Without thinking to the continual washings

Not finding optimal solution on the market, I decided to develop a new product : BandaDry.

Designed and reflected so much technical point of view as esthetics. I propose you an innovative product which considers all our needs, without forgetting to be comfortable for our children.

It quickly dries, is esay to clean, without risks for the babies. Besides itsefficiency, it is an esthetic accessory which completes finely the dress of the children.

The well-being of the child being the priority, the entire components is Oeko-tex.

Find in our product the French quality and savoir-faire at its best, 100% made in France.